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It is good for both parents and children to spend time together. Joint recreation brings people together, helps them get to know and understand each other better, and strengthens family ties. But many would agree that it’s not always easy to find a form of pastime that is interesting for the whole family.


If you happen to need to spend time at home, do not despair. You can have a great time at home. Your child will look forward to the promise of fun, if you’re with him to make a plan for fun at home.


It is not necessary to become an animator, you can captivate the child and the usual home affairs. Parents just need to show a little imagination. For example, plan a family dinner or tea party, inviting the child to take part in the process of cooking. He will be happy to knead dough, cut out cookies or sprinkle the finished cake with candied fruit. You can even make a costume dinner, dressed up in themed costumes. Kids love dressing up and all sorts of parties.


One great form of family fun at home is board games. Have a nautical combat, checkers or chess tournament. Let the winner get a prize. Perhaps such games will become a family tradition. It doesn’t take much to have fun. Just the desire to be together, to have fun together. And while adults sometimes need to learn this, children are always open to new things. Often it is enough just to try it, so that a new family tradition can emerge and parents and children become closer.

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